Stress, depression, fatigue, weight problems

These are part of all our lives

In order to do away with them, a serious change is in order, a fresh start

A restart to life is in order

How is it done?

Royal Thai found the ultimate solution:

A change in which you enjoy not just the result but also the road!

Royal Thai invites you to a unique adventure under pampering conditions, with personal and professional treatment and with all the tools required to restart life

Sounds like a dream. How does it work?

Off you go to a unique destination: Bangkok


Royal Thai takes you away from your daily surroundings and places you in one of the most exotic and pampering capital cities in the world: Bangkok. An Asian metropolitan, abundant with attractions, temples, shopping centers, museums and historical sites that we will visit as part of the program

The Pearl of the East is the ideal place to take a timeout from your busy western daily routine

We arrive in a luxurious and pampering hotel

The Arnoma Hotel (****) is located at the heart of Bangkok's business and tourist center, close to the famous shopping centers, gourmet restaurants and cinemas. At the hotel, a spacious and luxurious room will await you, decorated with the utmost comfort and style. Maximum pampering in guaranteed

[there is a gym at the hotel as well as saunas, a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi and massage services]

We will begin each morning with a refreshing morning swim at the swimming pool after which we will have a rich and healthy breakfast

The Arnoma Hotel is well known for its gourmet restaurants, and the menu offered to Royal Thai's guests is specifically excellent in its nutritional value that suits every day's activity plan

When the morning opens so well, a wonderful day is guaranteed

We begin a workout at one of the most modern and impressive gyms in the world


The "True Fitness" gym is located close to the hotel, and it occupies a territory of 5,000 square meters (1.25 acres) on the ninth and tenth floors of the spectacular shopping center "Zen"

The huge and advanced gym includes, among other features, training rooms, a fitness center, spinning rooms, comfortable dressing rooms, a yoga studio and, of course, the most advanced training equipment in the world. We promise you a daily several hour workout at the gym, accompanied by a personal trainer

The first stage includes filling out a comprehensive medical questionnaire, and you will be taken various physical measures: stamina, strength, heart-lung endurance – everything that is required in order to build you a personal, detailed and comprehensive work program. Royal Thai's program includes close and personal supervision for each participant, so that your body is in good hands

At "True Fitness" you'll have the opportunity to practice every day, according to your personal program, power workouts, aerobics, spinning, pilates, yoga and any other activity that will help you get in shape and strengthen your body

Relaxing at a magical and addictive spa


"Health Land Spa" is a charming and serene spa, located in a beautiful building that serves as a refuge from the crowded streets of Bangkok

We will visit the spa every day for treatments to complement the workouts: and hour and a half or two hours of oil massage or traditional Thai massage. The treatments will aid in making the muscles more flexible and strengthening them, and will contribute, of course, to the feeling of calmness and rejuvenation

You are promised a wondrous and pleasurable experience

We end with a unique 42 kilometers (26.1 miles) bicycle journey


To end the experience, Royal Thai invites you to a "Bicycle Safari": a day's ride at the countryside that surrounds Bangkok

During the journey we will watch the culture and nature life of rural Thailand. We will pedal across historical buildings, temples, water canals, rice fields and breathtaking views. The journey will run along quiet byways, pathways and parks, away from the noisy traffic

We will be guided by a local guide, who is fluent in both English and Thai, and he will be joined by additional local guides. It is an extraordinary opportunity to leave the city center and feel the local beat and watch the real life outside the big city

Royal Thai offers you an unforgettable memory

This is certainly not a standard program. And that's exactly our intention

Royal Thai promises to break your routine in favor of a unique adventure, a one-time experience, at the end of which you will return home stronger, fresher, healthier and invigorated with energy

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