Royal Thai Israel was established in 2008 as a unique pioneer in the field of active pampering
vacation, combining within it personal training integrated with slimming programs, healthy
nutrition and complemented with pampering spa treatments. These vacations have been
devised with much thought and love to provide the maximum for those wishing to achieve fast
changes in the shortest space of time.

At Royal Thai we know that stress at work, destructive nutrition habits, lack of physical
activity and emotional stress, cause us more often than not to neglect our bodies, resulting
in weight gain and obesity, which beyond the inherent aesthetic issue entailed, burdens the
musculoskeletal system and impeds on the functioning of the heart and other systems in the

At Royal Thai, we believe that a significant change can be achieved even during a a short
vacation, with the right tools and a supportive environment, and under the close supervision
of nutrition and sports professionals. Therefore, we offer a different experience of
healthcare, combining a luxurious holiday, in an exotic destination in the Far East, with high
level unprecedented fitness programs, which include daily personal training sessions
combined with advanced spa treatments, steam rooms, oxygen and ice, detox, and unique
yoga classes in variable temperatures. In addition to all this, at the Royal Thai, time and
thought have been devoted to all aspects of correct and healthy nutrition: low fat and low
calorie menus, carefully prepared by the chefs and nutrition professionals to ensure proper
and healthy food intake.

The Royal Thai will ensure you are provided with the tools to manage a healthier life style,
weight loss and maintain a healthy diet, whilst adopting and implementing the new habits and
correct conduct in the long run

New life in 10 days – ten days that make life RESTART

As was sometimes shout "Stop! Give me a few days to spare, and I arrange my time so I can start working out, go to, eat healthy and relax"? Then are off, sleep all day and again fall into a routine of stress, depression, fatigue, and weight problems. Maybe we need someone to give us a little push?

Royal Thai routine promises to get you into a unique adventure experience, one – time, after which you return home stronger, fresher and healthier and a lot of good vibes.
're Off to a unique destination: Bangkok exotic and luxurious …. Far from the distractions of the day – day. Get training in a new and impressive fitness world, accompanied by a local personal trainer, come every day to help softening of complementary therapies and strengthening muscles, and unique finish bike ride 42 miles. All this accompanied by a controlled menu based on fish and vegetables, freshly prepared by chefs team professional.

Bangkok training program developed by personal past two years, offers another healthy experience. Combination of a luxurious vacation in Bangkok with a unique health and fitness. Holiday return refreshed and happy, stronger, healthier and leaner. Response to the four major problems in maintaining a healthy lifestyle: stress, depression, fatigue and weight problems. Program in Bangkok I put emphasis on pampering and maintaining details and exit in small groups contributes to the atmosphere of togetherness and achieving a common goal.

The uniqueness of the program is its emphasis on personal training each participant. Intensive work one – on – one with a trainer or fitness coach (certified only) allows to achieve better and more accurate. However, common health meals, atmosphere of freedom and the common bike ride at the end contributes friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

Because I believe in the importance of complementary treatments (tissue massage, stretching) fitness and general health to the body and mind worried incorporate daily Thai massage after training.

I personally invite you to register for the upcoming program right now and do RESTART your life.