Fitness and Nutrition

The Bangkok training program, which has been developed by me personally over the past few

years, offers a different health experience; a combination of a luxurious vacation in Bangkok

with a unique health and fitness training program. From this vacation, you will return refreshed,

happier, stronger, healthier and leaner – the solution to the four major obstacles in maintaining a

healthy lifestyle: stress, depression, fatigue and weight issues. In the Bangkok plan, I emphasise

the pampering, meticulous attention to details and ensure small groups which contributes to the

intimacy and achieving the common goal.

The uniqueness of the program is the emphasis on personal training for each participant. The

intensive one on one work with the Thai male or female coach (certified coaches only) enables

achieving better and accurate results. While at the same time, the communal healthy meals,

holiday atmosphere and shared bike ride at the end, contribute to the social and relaxing

atmosphere. Every trainee will chose a Thai coach who will accompany and work closely with

them throughout the program. The personal coaches at the gym are nice humane and very

professional, they will help the trainee achieve the best results and goals faster, and they have the

skills to influence the future sporting lives of the trainees. The coach will get to know you and

talk to you about your fitness goals and your specific areas of interest. The coach – further to

photographing, weighing and measuring fat percentage- will study and receive a better picture

of your physical condition; accordingly constructing a training program for you to feel

comfortable and receive the tools to keep on training in the long run. The encouragement,

assistance and advice of the trainers ensures you receive the max highest added value of the

training; that is the coach can focus on the real task so that you attain the results you want in the

shortest possible time.

The program includes a tailored balanced and healthy personal menu devised by Naturopathic

Doctor which will be personally tailored prior to the workshop trip.

At the end of the workshop you will feel wonderful, light, vital, energetic, higher self-confidence

with a positive body image, less tired, sleep well, eat right, sculptured, strong, alert, agile, mobile

optimistic, and of course more attractive.


Royal Thai

Ten Days that Restart Life

Stress at work
Routine at home
Feeling tired and lethargic
We all know it so well: day by day, pound by pound.
We need a change: a change of atmosphere, a change of looks, a change of energy. We need a restart.
We keep promising ourselves: tomorrow we're going to start a diet! Tomorrow we're going to start exercising! Tomorrow we're going to start a healthy lifestyle!
But it's not easy to break this cycle.

Yet how can it be done in spite of this?
Is it possible to enjoy the road, not just the result?

Certainly yes!
Royal Thai found the ultimate solution:
Losing weight+ exercising in a unique, effective and even enjoyable way.
Let's allow the imagination to work for a moment:
Thailand. Bangkok. Waking up in a pampering 4-star hotel.
Taking a refreshing morning swim in the clear swimming pool. An aromatic morning shower, and then a rich breakfast to charge the body with energy: all the flavors, all the colors and all the ingredients that your body needs.
Now it's time to start your work day: a personal training session at the well-equipped gym.
Starting the morning with a walking and power training session…and you have energy.
To sweat, to work hard…and to relax at the sauna or shower.
To savor the diverse, balanced, tasty and healthy lunch.
To yawn, and to go up to your room for a good noon's sleep. You've earned it.
You woke up? Just in time for a professional two-full-hour Thai massage. A massage that will delight and strengthen your muscles.
At dinner – you have an appetite. And everything is so delicious. Not a trace of a guilty conscience!
After dessert, your legs lightly carry you for a tour of beautiful Bangkok.
Replenish, recharge, enjoy. Royal Thai.

Royal Thai offers you a different health experience: a combination of a pampering vacation in Bangkok and a unique fitness and health program. Ten days that will provide you with just the restart that you were eagerly waiting for. The only vacation to leave you invigorated, happy, stronger, healthier and thinner.
Royal Thai's unique program combines:
· controlled and balanced meals
· Medical supervision
· Counseling and diagnosis by a Chinese therapist
· An individual training series in a luxurious gym
· A series of treatments in a health spa
· A 42 kilometers (26.1 miles) unique bicycle journey in Bangkok
· And equally important – spare time to travel and enjoy colorful Bangkok

Now is the time to register to the coming Royal Thai workshop and restart your life.

Royal Thai
Ten Days that Restart Life

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