luxurious vacation with a personal training program
Sporty venture – a new tourist offers an unusual package – ten days of physical training, personal support integrated Thai massage and balanced gourmet meals – all in a luxury hotel in Bangkok * The result: a lot less time to shop, much less pounds – and a lot more muscle you return to Israel

Butt seat belts – and tighten the belts
Anyone who wants to participate in this refreshing break will have ten days from the computer and cell phone and keep exotic Bangkok. There, a mental and physical routine, offering organizers an opportunity for real change: Agenda tough begins swim daily breakfast, continued training (with a personal trainer) in the gym one of the largest and most modern in the world, passing the restaurant fancy gourmet meals are balanced and healthy – and ends two hours of relaxing massage and pampering.

Crazy Tel Aviv takes the Israelis do gym in Bangkok
The man behind this unusual vacation is Bildad Feiler, who normally gym manager Tel Aviv. Feiler came to Thailand early 90s and since then it has become a favorite destination. A lot of time trying to find a way to combine his experience in the health and fitness with an exotic vacation – and two years ago was born in Royal Thai. Defines the unique vacation vacation Feiler Zo is also training camp and lots and lots of treats. " After ten days "are only five days," he bother to stress return stronger, refreshed and healthier – with plenty of energy.
One-time experience after which you return home stronger, fresher, healthier and a lot of good vibes. "

07:00 workout, massage 19:00
Glimpse into the agenda of the extraordinary vacation package reveals the formula behind the promise of Feiler: personal support training program, a healthy diet rich prepared especially for participants, and a series of total body therapeutic massage at the end of each day, a sauna and a luxurious spa. Bicycle tour of 42 km finishes his vacation, studded with a few gems to be found only in Thailand. "My last visit I left Thailand pounds of fat, and 8 inches at my belly" boasts Feiler, and the thought of pampering conditions where separation occurred This exciting – certainly enviable.

Royal Thai vacation is limited to groups of 10 participants. Registration is currently open winter dates – January – March.

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